WizKid and Chris Brown team up with new song, "African Bad Gyal."

The Nigerian artist is back with a new single just in time for summer. "African Bad Gyal" is an uptempo with a beat that will get any party started.

"Baby girl are you from Ghana? Or you call me from Somalia?/Ah you call me from Uganda?/Or ya call me from Nigeria?" WizKid asks before jumping into the chorus.

Chris Brown comes in on the second verse to sing about his love for African girls as well. "Baby girl, you from Angola/Sister from South Africa/Baby girl, I wanna hold ya/Shout out to my ladies in Nigeria," he smoothly sings.

This is the second single from WizKid’s forthcoming album Sounds From the Other Side. His first single "Come Closer" features Drake, the new album is expected to be released July 14. Listen to "African Bad Gyal" above.

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