Last month, Wiz Khalifa dropped the marijuana love letter 'Mary 3X,' a track from his then-upcoming 'Taylor Allderdice' mixtape. The full collection arrived yesterday on, and before the first track is a minute old, the Pittsburgh rhymer once again big-ups his drug of choice.

"I swear I got so high last night I don't even remember going to sleep," Wiz raps on 'Amber Ice,' a tune seemingly named for his fiancee, Amber Rose, who joins Rick Ross on the track 'Never Been Part II.'

Wiz follows 'Amber Ice' with another weed ode, 'California,' which opens with the admission, "I just smoked a trippy stick on this one.'

That may be true, but he keeps his wits about him, stringing together non-slurred words over a swirly synth backing.

In addition to Rose and Ross, 'Taylor Allderdice' features Juicy J, LoLa Monroe and Chevy Woods -- artists from Wiz's Taylor Gang label.

The tape is named for Khalifa's high school, and while this smooth talker probably didn't get shoved into too many lockers, he ends with 'Blindfolds,' a pot-fueled kiss-off to anyone who might have ever done him wrong.

"Got my windows up and my speakers loud/ And we smoking so I'm gonna need a pound," he raps. "Bet the haters wish they could see me now."

Check the 'Taylor Allderdice' mixtape tracklisting below. Download here.

1. 'Amber Ice'

2. 'California'

3. 'MIA Wallace'

4. 'Guilty Concscience'

5. 'Mary 3'

6.' O.N.I.F.C.'

7. Nameless' feat. Chevy Woods

8. 'Never Been (Pt. II)' feat. Amber Ross & Rick Ross

9. 'The Crusie'

10. 'Rowland' feat. Smoke DZA

11. 'My Favorite Song' Feat. Juicy J

12. 'T.A.P.' feat Juicy J

13. 'The Code' feat. Juicy J, Loal Monroe & Chevy Woods

14. 'The Grinder'

15. 'Brainstorm'

16. 'Blindfolds' feat. Juicy J

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