Wiz Khalifa is having the best time of his life. In between logging studio sessions with such hip-hop icons as Snoop Dogg, performing at the NFL's AFC Championship and currently having one of the top pop songs in the country with 'Black and Yellow,' the smoked-out Pittsburg spitter is enjoying all the spoils of success. Indeed, with his major label studio debut 'Rolling Papers' due out March 29, it's good to be the Wiz.

"It feels great," the lanky MC tells The BoomBox of his star-making time in the spotlight. "There's a lot of hard work that went into becoming a success. And there's a lot of hard work that comes with it. I'm just ready for everything that comes my way and really just knocking it out and trying to look good while doing it."


A major part of Wiz Khalifa's public image is that of the lovable stoner. However, the tatted-up rhymer says that he will not be downplaying his support and usage of marijuana even as he becomes a mainstream darling. "I think people take what they want to take out of it," he says of his duties as a role model. "The public can separate certain things about me as an artist and as a person. At the end of the day, it's all about the music and the vibe. What I bring ultimately is positive. There's no way anybody can hate on that."

One element to Wiz's newfound success has been the sudden interest by online tabloid bloggers. The former underground mixtape favorite, who is now dating Kanye West's criminally-gorgeous ex Amber Rose, is still getting use to paparazzi shadowing his every move. But he insist that Rose is the best woman for the situation.

"It's at the point to where when you do certain things people just become interested in all aspects of your life," Wiz says in a diplomatic tone. "The fans and the media want to see what you are doing at all times. So anytime that I spend with Amber or if I'm seen with her, she's just a sweet girl. She's great. It's just cool to spend time with a positive person. Just being around people who have a similar vibe that I do. That's the point where I'm at. It's just that people take pictures of that s--- [laughs]."

One person you won't be seeing hanging around Wiz is ex-flame and former 'Bad Girl' reality show star Natalie Nunn. The outspoken socialite and fashion plate has had some disparaging comments to say about Wiz. However, the rapper says he's moved on from the public barbs.

"I just stay positive," Wiz says of the controversy. "I build my career on positive vibes. I'm not going to wait until now to be influenced by such negative energy. I only deal with positive people . . . people who will help me move forward in the direction where I'm trying to go. Anything else is just a distraction so I don't even pay it any attention."

Yes, Wiz is keeping busy. Yesterday, he released the nine-track mixtape 'Cabin Fever' out of nowhere, surprising his fanbase. The previous week, Khalifa dropped the second single off 'Rolling Papers' and the song entered the chart at No. 48. On April 1, Khalifa will hit the road behind his huge stash of new music on the Green Carpet tour, kicking off in Raleigh, N.C.

Watch Wiz Khalifa's 'Black and Yellow'