As if there's any doubt that Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa is blowing up, he has now been romantically linked to reality TV star Natalie Nunn.

On Friday (Dec. 10), the Atlantic Records signee and the 'Bad Girls Club' star were the topic of conversation when photos of the two hit the 'net, showcasing Khalifa and Nunn in a close embrace at a Pittsburgh club. Rumors sparked, leading to speculation that the rapper and Nunn are an item. Wiz was quick to shoot the rumors down, however, claiming instead that he was simply giving Nunn a "shotgun," by exhaling marijuana smoke into her mouth.

"hahahahhahahaha. U fuggers are crazy!" Wiz tweeted. "I wuz givin her a shotgun."

Check the photos here, The tattooed rhymer and reality star, sans the smoke from a "shotgun," look to be more than friends.

In other news, Wiz's ubiquitous single 'Black and Yellow' has officially gone gold, and an official remix from Wiz is said to be on its way shortly.

Watch Wiz Khalifa's 'Black and Yellow'