First it was artists like Lil Wayne and now Wiz Khalifa wants to experiment with the art of deejaying.

Despite his No. 1 Billboard-charting song, "See You Again," the 27-year-old rapper is looking into life as a DJ, asking for $25,000 to spin tunes at your party. According to TMZ, Wiz has already booked gigs and is on the hunt for more under the moniker DJ Daddy Kat. In fact, the six-time Grammy-nominated rapper is trying to get turnt up tonight in Las Vegas at Club Rain.

The amateur DJ is set to debut as DJ Daddy Kat, TMZ reports. His ex-wife and baby mama, Amber Rose, will also be in Vegas this Memorial Day weekend hosting a pool party. What a coincidence. DJ Daddy Kat is just looking to have a good time on his ones and twos and wants no parts in any baby mama drama.

Apparently, he's even asked the hotel staff to keep Amber Rose away from him during his stay. Hopefully nothing pops off between the two and they can keep it civil while turning up this weekend.

In the words of Mannie Fresh, "Go DJ, 'cause that's my DJ."

But is Wiz better off sticking to rapping on the mic than getting behind the turntables? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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