We recently reported on the developing beef between Jae Millz and XXL 'Freshman 10' members Nipsey Hussle, Pill and Freddie Gibbs. Pill and Nipsey starting things off by implying that Millz loved Lil Wayne a bit too much. Then, Gibbs took things to a new level with a crushing freestyle mocking Millz and his lack of a national fanbase. Now, Wiz Khalifa, another 'Freshman 10' honoree, is hopping on board. In a recent interview with radio personality Mr. Peter Parker, Khalifa called Millz out as a "sucker."

"Man, sucker s--- at its finest, dawg" Wiz said on the Parker Vision radio show. "Sucker s--- at its finest. And the n---- tried to like, clear it up like 'Wiz Khalifa is people's I do respect,' you need to say the names dawg. Like, you need to say them names. You need to clear that up because n----- are upset about that. I'm not personally mad about it, but it's like, if you're gonna do that, you gotta go all the way with it. And a couple n----- stepped up and said something, n----- who got following because I got like 90,000 followers on my Twitter, and I spoke up on it because I'm not for the f--- s---, dawg."

Wiz does have a point. If Millz had pointed his disses and criticism at specific rappers then he wouldn't have the entire Freshman 10 destroying him on a daily basis. While Khalifa maintains he is not beefing and wants to let the drama rest, he continued to go in on Millz for starting problems.

"N----- do this fly music and n----- have that fun s---, but I'm not for the f--- s--- so if you gonna say some s---, and I'm not the type to be beefing, but you got to say something," continued Khalifa. "You got to say them names, dawg, and really figure out who you f--- with and don't f--- with because you might start some problems."

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