Wiz Khalifa is finally gearing-up for the release of his major label debut 'Rolling Papers,' and the promotional machine is now hitting full speed via his most successful strategy throughout the years: dropping a new mixtape. Completely out of the blue with no warning, Khalifa surprised the Internet with 'Cabin Fever.'

The tape is a nine-track effort that contains a good deal of features and monster beats. Big Sean, Trae tha Truth, Juicy J and Chevy Woods handle hook duties on many of the tracks. Khalifa's last tape was the ultra-successful 'Kush & Orange Juice.' That effort certainly launched his career to a new level, got him a lucrative record deal and was a viral sensation for rappers looking to directly market their music to a fanbase without record label input.

'Cabin Fever,' while perhaps not as strong or robust as Wiz's past mixtapes, does provide an adequate preview for 'Rolling Papers' -- his long-awaited "official" debut, which hits stores on March 29. One noticeable difference that might divide fans is that Khalifa has progressed from the stoned-out futuristic soul of past productions and updated his formula with beats by producers-of-the-moment such as Lex Luger.

Give 'Cabin Fever' a download and spin here.

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