Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign have linked to create visuals for "Brand New," which is featured on the TGOD Vol. 1 compilation mixtape.

The video is directed by Gabriel Hart, and finds Ty and Wiz enjoying the vibrant L.A. scenery, with some good female company, of course.

"Dolla signed a brand new deal, yeah/Dolla got sex appeal, yeah/Dolla keep it way too real/Dolla ain't got no chill," Ty sings on the first verse.

Not to be out shined, Wiz chimes in with all of the things he's bought (and done) too.

"Cam bought a brand new Benz/Cam f---ed a girl and her friend/Cam's all about his ends/Cam got the OG Kush with the tan/Cam bought a bus for the fam," he rap-sings.

The video is fairly routine, with a lot of women, sunshine and flash but there are a few cool shots, including a few of Ty chilling on top of a very tall palm tree as he sings.

You can check the visuals above.


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