Wiz Khalifa has a major collaboration complete, and the rapper is hoping the stars align so he can release it for the masses. He already mentioned that he scored studio time with British songstress Adele, but now he's revealing more details around the song, which he wants on his next album, 'Blacc Hollywood.'

"It's a cross between [the sounds of] right now and the '60s and '70s. It's really hippie," Wiz tells Fuse News. "That went everywhere after we talked about it. We still have the record. I just hope that we can put it in the album or maybe we can make something else, too."

And cross-genre collaborations are now more common than in the past. The Pittsburgh native revealed that Amber Rose is part of the reason the duet came to fruition.

"You never really know who enjoys your music and what you do," Wiz explains. "She's a huge fan of Amber as well. I saw [Adele] at the Grammys and she's like, 'Wiz, move out of the way. I need to take a picture with Amber.' You just never know who you touch with what you do."

During the interview, Wiz also talks about the other people he worked with on the album, which include the late Pimp C, Snoop Dogg and Ty Dolla $ign.

"Ty Dolla $ign is on the album," he shares. "I'm going to get to show the world what he does on the production and writing standpoint. His EP [which Fuse recently featured on The Mixdown] is amazing, but he does so many other things. I got a verse from Pimp C, the family blessed me. And Snoop is on there, of course."

While there is no concrete date just yet, Wiz plans to release 'Blacc Hollywood' before the summer so he and his band, Kush & Orange Juice, can get on the road and finally get to perform the project live.