Black Eyed Peas producer and frontman recently showed his disdain for the controversial Arizona Immigration law. The law, which has caused a national uproar, allows authorities to detain suspected illegal immigrants and fail to produce paperwork proving their citizenship. Many opponents see the law as racial profiling against the state's Hispanic population which makes up more than 30 percent of the state's estimated six million residents.

Will, who is a native of East Los Angeles, an area known for its heavy Mexican presence took to his Twitter page to vent. "The racial profiling is aimed at Mexicans," he wrote. "There are illegal Russians, Chinese, Brazilians, Europeans, Australians and Arabs in the USA. The sad thing is Mexicans do jobs Americans don't do and then we complain like [they] a nuisance. What if all Chicano's went on strike?"

"I'm going to say something controversial but true ... Today Latinos are the new "blacks in America" (with no Martin Luther King). They clean and build homes, take care of kids, pick fruit, clean bathrooms (for nickels) and Americans complain 'those jobs are taxing.' I was raised around and by Mexicans ... some illegal, some legal, good people. They make America 'America."

Since being signed in late April, Arizona became the first state to require immigrants to carry proper documentation. The law will officially go into effect in August.

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