Will.i.am has become a go-to man for memorable choruses. In the video for electro house DJ Wolfgang Gartner's track 'Forever,' the Black Eyed Peas frontman croons, "Baby, let's party all night long/ Let's make it last forever," while pictured in some weirdly interesting situations.

On first site, the rapper-producer isn't in his usual form -- he's taken on the shape of a sperm after two clubgoers go at it in a bedroom. "Pedal to the metal, I'm pumping that gas," he raps as he swims rapidly toward an egg and is the first to penetrate it. Then Will.i.am takes on the form of a fetus -- shown on a sonogram machine -- fistpumping along to Wolfgang's infectious beat.

'The Time (Dirty Bit)' creator ages through each stage of life in the clip, but with his head superimposed on random bodies. He stares into his mother's eyes as a toddler, playing with his own baby feet, then, fast forward a few years, where he's splashing away in a kiddie pool asking for "a moment of silence for my friend" DJ AM.

Before the visuals come to a close, Will.i.am skateboards as a teen and engages in corporal relations with the opposite sex, and lastly ends up in a nursing home with his eye on an attractive senior citizen.

Watch Will.i.am in Wolfgang Gartner's 'Forever'

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