Kodak Black's Painting Pictures drops tomorrow, and to help get folks excited for it WorldStarHipHop released a trailer for an upcoming documentary on the rapper called Project Baby.

In the 32-second-clip, you'll see Kodak strolling through the tropics of Florida, while he talks about his songwriting process.

"A n---- blood raw with it. I don't sugarcoat," he said. "I talk about the struggle, I talk about how I got it now ... I talk about everything.

The 19-year-old also said that whether or not you've been through the same things he has, you'll still be able to relate to his music based on the presentation of it.

"Even if you haven't been through none of that sh--, when you listening to my sh-- you gonna feel like you been though it," explained Kodak. "It's like a movie. I feel like we in this movie right now. I don't rap I illustrate."

Both Painting Pictures and the Project Baby documentary drops on Friday (March 31), and you can check out the trailer above.

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