R&B singer Lloyd gave his fans a special Christmas gift with an acoustic in-studio performance of his recent hit single, "Tru." With a guitar and smooth vocals, Lloyd shared his personal story and allowed the lyrics to give us a peek into his life. Much like the performance, the song itself is very intimate and personal.

The setting created a feeling of intimacy that fans always enjoy, you get to feel up close and personal. And after Lloyd being away from the music industry for such a long time, fans can appreciate such an intimate performance. You can hear Lloyd's range and growth as an R&B artist in this performance.

In an interview with Fact Magazine, Lloyd shared that he didn't listen to the song in the beginning.

“For a long time, I would not listen to the song. If someone came by and they were playing it, I’d leave the room,” he says. “I couldn’t be in there because I didn’t want someone to look at me and start to analyze me in front of me, and I definitely couldn’t take somebody saying, ‘Well, this is okay, but I got this other thing we’re working on, this that turn-up s---.’

Since its release, the single "Tru" has gained success by charting Top 20 at urban mainstream radio and has over 50 million streams. Lloyd's recently released Tru EP features guest appearances from 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. His full-length, Out My Window, is slated for a 2017 release.

Watch Lloyd's full acoustic performance below.

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