Last year, Lloyd made a monumental return to the R&B game with “Tru,” his heartfelt ballad that put him back on radio. The former Murder Inc. singer returns with a new single and video called “Heavenly Body” featuring Rick Ross.

In the video above, Lloyd and Rozay talk adoringly about their woman’s body and how it makes them feel whenever she’s in her birthday suit.

"You need a real man, you don't need no buster / He's the last one cause he was a sucker / I'm just here to please you and I don't want to hurt you," he sings, adding, "When you take off your clothes my heart just stop."

Throughout the video, Lloyd and his love interest are canoodling in the bedroom, as she shows him every inch of her body. From there, Lloyd and his ladylove take their escapade to the bathroom shower and that's when it gets really wet.

Rozay also makes a cameo and provides a lyrical assist rapping about being a boss and making sure that his lady have the finer things in life.

It been six years since Lloyd made an impact in the R&B game. But the 31-year-old singer doesn't call it a comeback. “I’m simply picking up where I left off,” he told Billboard. “It’s not a comeback. I’m just making up for some lost time.”

Hopefully, Lloyd is dropping a full-length studio album this year. Watch his new video above and check out "Tru" below.

Watch Lloyd's "Tru" Video

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