Wale and Lil Wayne previewed the new song "Running Back" earlier this month on ESPN, and now you can purchase it on iTunes.

On the cut, the MMG rhymer sets things off with braggadocios lyrics, while also shouting out his childhood stomping grounds.

"I get the money stacked / To the moon where it's sunny at / And I move where the realist be / And the quickest see, baby you gettin' lapped / Look, the DMV on the map, that's a city, two states if you can count / I'm as real as I say, I never lie / So whenever I go, know I'm running back," he spits.

Tunechi rhymes next and talks about a women in his life who's lying and causing him a lot of problems.

"She said I sent her a diamond ring / She say I buy her all kinds of things / She lie about everything / I put her on time out and everything / I cut the girl off like a dirty string / These girls'll say about anything / 'Cause they know that you'll believe everything / That's why I get high about everything," he raps.

"Running Back", which you can listen to below, will be on Wale's new album Shine, due out later this year.

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