Prosecutors have decided to drop the charges against the six Charlotte, N.C. men accused of shooting at and attempting to rob rapper Waka Flocka Flame's tour bus back in February, due to lack of evidence.

"We didn't have enough evidence to prosecute any of them," District Attorney Andrew Murray told The Charlotte Observer. "The defendants are still in custody. That's why we need to dismiss the charges now. I'm not thrilled about having to dismiss these charges. Some of these guys have felony records."

According to early reports, Waka's bus was parked outside of a Charlotte car stereo shop, when two cars pulled up and opened fire. Flocka's security detail reportedly returned fire on the cars, shooting 20-year-old Antonio Stukes in the shoulder.

The court documents, however, tell a different story.

"There has been no identification by any alleged victim or witness of any of the six defendants as being present and/or firing a weapon during the incident," claim prosecutors. "Although many details of the incident differ, these defendants were in agreement that no one who went to this stereo store had any intent to rob anyone. They said their intent was to 'chill,' 'hang out,' or 'holler at' the rap artist. They are also in agreement that if anyone who was with them fired a weapon, it was only because a person or persons associated with (the) rap artist fired at them first."

The court documents go on to state that an unnamed man -- reported to be Waka Flocka's brother -- initiated the altercation, out of fear that he was in danger of being robbed of the more $100,000 worth of jewelry he wore around his neck. Waka's brother "saw no weapon displayed nor was there any demand made for any money. He then pulled a 9mm handgun he had concealed on his person and held it in a position as if ready to fire." Stukes was treated at a local hospital for a gunshot wound, and there was bullet damage to the tour bus and stereo store, but all six of the suspects' charges have been dismissed.

Reps for Waka Flocka have yet to comment on the prosecution's decision.

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