Upcoming rapper Waka Flocka gave his first interview just days after getting shot in Atlanta following a failed robbery attempt. "I really can't breathe that good," he admitted, calling into Atlanta's Hot 107.9 radio station. After pulling into an Atlanta gas station Tuesday (Jan. 19), the emcee was approached by two unidentified men attempting to take his chain. Not holding back while he described the shooting, Wacka Flocka revealed that he believes the man who shot him was supposed to finish the job. "All I know is somebody was sent to kill me, but he was so scared he let me get out the car and grab what I tried to get from him and hit me in my arm."

"My whole right side went out so I couldn't get him." Flocka continued. "Trust me he coulda' did his job if he wasn't scared -- that's a word out to him and his people. I'm straight though, just broke one of my ribs, cut my lungs. There's blood all around my lungs. I'm straight though, I'll be back out there." The gunman in the shooting has yet to be identified.

Born Juaquin Malphurs, Wacka Flack is best known for his affiliation with fellow Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane, and for the song 'O Let's Do It.'

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