Waka Flocka Flame is insane. Or, he's got life all figured out. It's hard to tell.

When he walked into The Boombox office last week he was brimming with delight. See, the Southern Trap king has recently moved back to New York, where he finds pleasure in the day-to-day bustle of America's most frustrating city.

He towers over everyone like a smiling linebacker. And he lounges hard, like a sea lion in the sun. Waka speaks with a bearish growl and ponders thoughts typically not thought by most ordinary humans.

Somehow embroiled in drama with his former BFF Gucci Mane -- which he downplayed -- he's let go of gangsta and embraced a life of peace, supported by the soul-quenching spring waters and kush weed.

Waka's got his new LP Flockaveli 2 completed and ready for release later this year, as well as two mixtapes. But we wanted more. We wanted to get to the unguarded core of the rapper. And what we found was pretty eye opening.

Read Part 1 of our EXCLUSIVE interview with Waka Flocka Flame to see what we mean.

James Franco is in Spring Breakers. He plays a Riff Raff-type character. Would you let him get on a Waka track?

Nah, he can be a hype man or something. He can be my drummer or some shit.

I don't think he can drum.

We'll get him a special kit. He can be a backup drummer.

How has your diet changed since you've been famous?

I don't eat red meat. Hell no. I probably haven't eaten red meat ... almost a solid four years. Shit's disgusting. I can't eat it no more. Them bougie plates. I just don't have the taste for that shit no more.

So you're staying healthy.

For the most part, yeah. Smoke kush, man. Kush cleanses anything. Any sickness you ever have: Kush is the father.

You did a campaign for PETA a while back. Did you have to sign an agreement that's like, "I'm not going to eat animals anymore," or can you still eat delicious animals?

I got with PETA for a fur campaign, specifically for fur. I feel like if I was gonna go further, I have to graduate as a person and as a man.

Why don't you like furs?

It's ugly to me. It's nasty as hell. Every time I think about furs I just think about pimps and big-ass rings and somebody trying to be too extra. You wear fur, it's like you trying to be something you not. You get fur, you can spend the same money on like, 30 jackets. And it's gonna do you better, that shit gonna keep you warm.

Are you an environmentalist too?

In some kind of sort.

Is that going to be on your presidential platform?

Yeah, possible. That and fuckin' taxes. God damn ... Fuckin' taxes be killin' you. You can make a thousand dollars and after taxes, that's damn near $600. Who the fuck is gettin' my money?



"You can make a thousand dollars

and after taxes, that's damn near $600.

Who the fuck is gettin' my money?"

But Waka, you're helping make roads and stuff.

Right right, but not in New York. That shit is dangerous. You see people's hubcaps flyin' off in the fuckin' street. His brother [points to a friend] was driving and hit a pothole. His fuckin' wheel flew [off]. I can't go for that. They need to fix it. If they take my tax dollars in New York, they gotta fix that. I'm complainin'.

You should complain. There's an App for that.


You take a picture of the pothole...

Get the fuck out.

And then it goes to the government...

That'd be hard though.

I'm serious.

You dead serious?

It geo-locates your photo, so it uses the GPS in your phone and then they find out where the pot hole is and within like, five days, they go there and they fill it.

Seriously. Yo, we need that shit in New Jersey.

What would Waka Flocka's app be?

I started a video game. It's for ... like a gangsta nerd. ... it's crazy. It's an action game -- killin' monsters and shit. I got a character on there though... that shit hard.

Is it out yet?

It's about to come out, it's in the process right now.

What's it called?

Don't got a name though, that's the fucked up part. We gotta find a name.

Are you the main character?


What's the storyline?

Killin' monsters. Perfect app. I got swords, knives, all kinds of stuff. I tried to do a technique with my dreads, but that shit ain't work. I was lookin' like the girl from X-Men with the long hair. I wasn't feeling it, so I swapped it out.

What's something that you want do right that you haven't been able to do yet?

Shark diving.

Some fishermen just caught a two-headed shark off the Florida coast.


It's got two heads and it's terrifying. Can you imagine encountering that?

I wanna see a mermaid. I believe in mermaids. You believe in mermaids?



"I don't fuck with the ocean water.

That's my biggest fear, I swear to God."

Did you watch that mermaid show The Body Found on Discovery channel?

Is she real?

No. But they made it look like it was real. And everybody was Googling it the next day, like, "Is this shit real?"

I'm down. You believe in mermaids? I believe in 'em.

You believe in them?

Hell yeah. You don't believe in them?

Not really. But you must have heard the siren song. They're going to take you out into the ocean.

But I really do believe in them.

You know what they do when they take you out there, singing you toward the blue deep?


They kill you!

Word? I believe you. I don't fuck with the ocean water. That's my biggest fear, I swear to god. I used to be scared of heights and all that shit. That's why I wanna go shark diving, but "Titanic" fucked me up.

Titanic made you afraid of the ocean?

I promise to god, I used to love water. I seen "Titanic" and I was like, "Aw hell no." And that's possible. You are in the middle of who knows what.

Was it the love story that really got to you, or was it the fear of what's below?

That shit was kind of sad. Real niggas don't shed tears, but that shit was real.

Did you see Life of Pi?

No. I gotta write that down.

That's might mess up water for you again.

Life of Pies?

No, Life of Pi. P-I.

Like regular pie?

No, like the number.

Did you see Hall Pass?

I did not see Hall Pass.

What?! Fuckin' Hall Pass. I like comedy shit. Action movies is wack, man. Only action movies is hard is like, fuckin' Iron Man, Spider-Man ... other than that, you don't got like Terminators no more, we don't got that no more, so that's out the window. All they make is like, love, hardcore, basketball, football, bullshit-ass easy stories. I want that comedy.

You want comedy. But you also want something a bit more sophisticated, it sounds like. Like Titanic.

I like love shit. Dramatic ... yeah. You know, I got a side to me.

So if you're on a date, and you're like, "Come back to my place and watch this movie," what do you put on?

Porn. I'm like, you seen them moves right there? Now Imma try 'em! [laughs]

So you just cut right to the chase.

Fuck it, ain't no playin'. You supposed to open the door in boxers, man.

What do you serve up? Wine? Vodka?


You serve water.

Water. That shit ... that's the best thing.

You're a complicated man. What is your favorite bottled water?

Fiji or Dasani. That shit is good. I even drink faucet water; I don't give a damn. You know what's a crazy water that'll fuck with your mind? SmartWater. You fuckin' drink SmartWater you're like, damn, that shit might make me smart. That's why niggas buy it, they like, "Damn that's some smart shit to drink."

When I walk into a store and I see the shiny bottle of water -- the one that looks the sleekest -- that's the one I buy. I'm a total consumer. I go and see the shiny things, and I buy them. Are you like that?

Hell yeah. Whatever look good, I buy it. Like the miniature ketchups.

Do you have any new tattoos?

I ain't got no new tattoos. I'm supposed to go get some this week. I'm getting ... like the devil and god arm wrestling. Then I'm gonna get a King Kong. ... I like having people I don't know around when I get tattooed beause you can't be a pussy to them. You got to sit there and go "Grrrrrrrrrrr!"

You have tattoos on your feet?

No, I'm about to. I'm about to get skeleton shit. I was gonna put "Look up" on one foot and "Bitch" on the other. People look down, and it be like, "Look up, bitch."

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