​Amanda Bynes is gearing up to release a rap album. No, that was not a typo.

It looks like things are starting to gear up to help this album come to fruition. Waka Flocka Flame told TMZ that he is going to be hands-on in making Bynes' rap debut happen. He has hired songwriters and apparently, has already come up with the title to the project: Shots.

Waka has been a constant supporter of Bynes in the wake of the media firestorm surrounding her image and social media activity. He constantly offers encouragement as the two FaceTime and text each other.

2013 has been a very turbulent year for Bynes, at least if Twitter is a good indicator. She has been embroiled in several controversies by trading barbs with Rihanna, insulting former friend Lance Bass, and criticizing publications for the pictures that they use of her. She has also been taking bizarre selfies, usually sporting some type of wig, and was arrested a month ago for allegedly possessing marijuang, an incident where she reportedly threw a bong out her apartment window.

No word on whether or not Waka has reached out to Drake on Bynes' behalf, but surely the Toronto rapper must be high on the former actress' wishlist of people to collaborate with, and perhaps go a little further.

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