Vince Staples is catching a tidal wave of slander from the Twitterverse for his Time magazine interview, in which he questioned why the ‘90s gets credit for being the golden era of hip-hop. The Los Angeles rhymer believes music in the ‘90s isn't as impactful as that of the 2000s, where his hip-hop memories begin.

In the video interview, Staples explains that he was born in 1993, so much of the era was a blur to him because he was only a baby. Although the 22-year-old rapper admits that Notorious B.I.G and Tupac Shakur are staples of the ‘90s, his favorite rappers are from the 2000s. "The first song I remember listening to was Lil Bow Wow's 'Bounce With Me,” he recalls. “Bow Wow is one of my favorite rappers ever, you could never take that from me.”

The folks on the internet went ham on Staples’ and berated him for not being knowledgeable about his rap history. The “Blue Suede” rapper tried to clarify his comments, insisting that he never said that the ‘90s were "overrated."

Veteran rapper N.O.R.E., who earned much of his rap success in the ‘90s, called out Staples and the two engaged in a debate over the era's validity. "favorite rapper was bow wow I get it still a idiot statement from some one who we hardly know ya dues ain't paid," N.O.R.E. tweeted.

Reactions to Staples’ comments have been mixed with plenty of slander in between.

“Vince staples is right tho. Rappers nowadays was raised on 50, Wayne, Ye, guwop, dipset etc not this 90s golden era s---,” said one fan agreeing with Staples’ commentary. “He sounds like a jealous punk. If 2Pac and Biggie was here... he wouldn't be saying that crap,” tweeted another commenter.

"Vince Staples is trash. I'm sorry man. 90's hip hop has influenced every major rap artist out right now. No wonder why he isn't one," wrote one furious fan.

Tell us what you think? Do you agree with Vince Staples' comments about the '90s? Tell us in the comments below.

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