It’s that time of year. Uncle Murda released his annual “Rap Up 2016 song and it’s intense. Unlike Skillz recap, the Brooklyn rhymer goes in and murders (all puns intended) the song. No celebrity was spared and even Skillz got thrown under the bus.

“Even Mad Skillz gotta like how I flip this, f--- it if he don’t, yeah I deebo’d his s--- / Heard you last year saying that little slick s---,” raps Murda, as he begins to take us down memory lane.

Over an instrumental of Mary J. Blige’s “I Love You (Remix),” Murda covers everything that happened in 2016 for nearly eight minutes. The rapper spits several blunt zingers about your favorite rappers and celebrities that will make you say, “oh s---!”

"Niggas in Paris, Kanye Jay Z / 'Ye mad he ain't get a call from Jay Z / Jay like n----s get robbed everyday B," he raps, referencing Cam'ron's classic line from Paid in Full.

Elsewhere, Murda confirms that he has signed with G-Unit, salutes Drake, gives props to Young M.A., pokes fun at Lil Yatchy and throws a shot at President-elect Donald Trump.

Murda does get serious for a moment when he raps about some of the police violence that was captured on social media including Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.

"Police kills us and get probation in the same court / They give us life if we catch a body / I guess they got the Power / Yeah, they white like Tommy," he raps, adding, "America is racist and they ain't hiding it."

Overall, Uncle Murda delivers another stellar Rap Up and left no news topic unturned. Salute!

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