Preparing to release his fifth album 'Open Invitation' in November, Tyrese stars in a steamy new video for his R. Kelly and Tyga-featured single 'I Gotta Chick.'

Though fellow crooner-with-issues Kells is AWOL, the clip, which was shot in Los Angeles, features a bevy of greased up babes playing sexy Twister in some kind of day spa, waiting to drape themselves on Black Ty and his Young Money sidekick, whom they feed spaghetti to (?) and then round out the evening by engaging in a halfhearted pillow fight.

"It's got a lot of beautiful people, good energy," Tyrese said of the Brazil-directed video. "This is for the streets. This is my thank you. I got this mentality where I don't want to sell the most records, I just want to sell my records."

Tyrese has revealed that a visual for the Rick Ross-assisted remix is also in the works, as he puts the finishing touches on 'Open Invitation,' which he has dubbed "the best R&B album of my career."

"It's kind of crazy to be on a video set again, but I'm just happy to be back," Tyrese concluded, in a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot.

'Open Invitation' is in stores November 1. Check out the video for 'I Gotta Chick' here.

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