Tyga and Chris Brown have spent a lot of time in the news since 2015 started. Whether it's the Young Money rapper beefing with Drake or the singer being onstage during a shooting, the year has been eventful so far for both artists.

To promote their joint album, Fan of a Fan, which comes out tomorrow (Feb. 24), the two stopped by New York radio station Hot 97 to address a variety of topics with Ebro in the Morning with Laura Stylez & Rosenberg. Kylie Jenner was a big conversation starter since Tyga is apparently dating Kim Kardashian's 17-year-old sister, which he denies.

He reiterated what he said during his interview on The Breakfast Club, that he and Jenner are just friends. T-Raww also revealed that an Instagram post he wrote in her honor is his choice and shouldn't be judged. "If I love her, and I love her as a person, that's me," stated the California-raised rapper. "Ain't nobody else gotta deal with that or worry about that ... I speak what I feel in my heart, and if I want to express that, I'm gonna express that at that time. If I wanna express it later in life, I'm gonna do it later. I just feel like it's nobody's business."

Breezy sounded off about the Grammy Awards as well. "My issue is people not going off of how these Billboards work. And how this music works," he tells Ebro. "The Grammys should go off, if you're going off every song for that year, they should go off the success of that song. I done had every single that came off my new X album has went No. 1."

The two friends also talked about their problems with Drake. Although, Tyga's beef is more recent with the Nothing Was the Same creator, it was Brown who spoke more passionately about it.

"We're not getting no check from talking about dude," he said. "We're giving him all this pub. We're us. I can't keep making these m-----f---er famous. I'm responsible for reviving careers, and I think when I keep talking about somebody, even right now, I'm just making him hot right now 'cause I'm just talking about him."

Chris then mocked Drake's voice, seemingly wanting to rekindle their beef from 2012.

From there, Amber Rose's problems with Khole Kardashian were discussed and Breezy said that she shouldn't have brought up Tyga and Kylie at all. The crooner did say that he's still cool with Amber, though.

Brown had some playful words for Kanye West, who also spoke about the Young Money rapper and the youngest of the Kardashian sisters on his Breakfast Club interview.

Check out more of the crazy conversation with Tyga and Chris above and below.

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