In the early 2000s, Tweet was one of the more promising artists in R&B. Her hit single "Oops (Oh My)" was a fixture on the radio and her debut album, Southern Hummingbird, was one of the period's most critically-acclaimed R&B releases. After struggling to get her career of the ground in the 1990s, the singer-songwriter born Charlene Keys was suddenly at the forefront of new millennium soul.

And then she seemed to disappear. Her 2005 follow-up was barely noticed and then she dropped out of the public eye for the next decade. Aside from her 2013 EP, Tweet barely resurfaced in music.

But in 2015, Tweet re-emerged, fully formed and focused. Her new album, Charlene, has earned rave reviews from fans and critics; she's back with her old friend and collaborator Missy Elliott and she's bounced back from the personal and career setbacks that sent her spiraling downward and away from her music.

In an exclusive interview with The BoomBox, we spoke to the Southern Hummingbird about her comeback and the frustration that led to her walking away.