Former Tupac associates the Outlawz have released a diss record aimed at Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex over the controversial statements he recently made about 'Pac.

Although the 30-second clip of Flex shouting "F--k n---as sucking Tupac's d--k!" onstage was pretty damning, Flex was quick to clarify his position by saying, "Not only do I respect his music, I respect what he put down. I respect the records he made, the records he sold, his positive energy in the beginning... I also think that he brought a negative energy into the game with the beefing and the erratic energy and the threats."

Unfortunately, the Outlawz, a New Jersey group best known for their appearance on 'Pac's legendary Biggie/Mobb Deep diss, 'Hit 'Em Up," were less than impressed with Flex's defense. "What he was saying on stage that night that was stirring up more of that negative energy," Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean told XXL. "So I don't know what he was trying to accomplish by doing that."

Hussein Fatal took it a step further, ridiculing the DJ, "Who cares about what Flex says. He's a f--king mut [sic], his drivin' s--t was weak, he look like a fat midget with lil' t-tties, nobody cares about him."

Holiday or not, the Outlawz continued their attack on the Hot 97 DJ by releasing their Flex diss song, called "Warning Shots," in which they refer to him as a "queer," and accuse Flex of accepting bribes for radio play on his show.

"Y'all wonder why real n--gas get no play?/ The streets don't rock with you, they rock with Kay Slay/ Why you still hatin 'Pac after all these years?/ You an old ass groupie, an industry queer," they spit. "He half a the reason Nas said hip hop died in NY/ Cause he play whoever pay him, instead of what's hot."

The Outlawz first appeared under the moniker Dramacydal, on Tupac's 1995 album 'Me Against the World.' The trio, which currently consists of E.D.I. Mean, Young Noble and Hussein Fatal, are working on their seventh studio album, 'Perfect Timing,' which is scheduled for a 2011 release.

Flex has yet to respond to the Outlawz' diss.

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