"Why do the things feel so good that are so forbidden?"

It's a question that Trey Songz asks in his new song "Playboy," off his forthcoming album Tremaine The Playboy.

Covering similar territory with the single he dropped last week "Nobody Else But You," the Virginia native sings about relationships and his struggles to be with just one woman.

"Too many nights to remember, so many girls I can't count / Can't keep track of these adventures / What has become of me know?" he sings.

In the racy video, you'll see Trey surrounded by scantily clad model types, while he struggles with the fact that he loves the lifestyle but is growing tired of it. Clearly, it's a battle that many men could easily relate to.

Later in the clip, Trey flashes back to the "Nobody Else But You" video and remembers the time he spent with his woman. By the way it looks, guilt begins to creep in, which makes the singer rethink things.

You can check out the video above and a see part two version of it below. You can also look out for Songz's new album Tremaine The Playboy on March 24.

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