There's no doubt that Trey Songz has his pick of beautiful women to be with, and if he has a lady at home, that has to be hard for her.

In the R&B singer's new song "Nobody Else But You," he does his best to convince his mate that she's the only one for him.

"I know you don't want to wait for me / They say you should stay away from me / I know you the only babe for me, great for me / Gratefully you love me too," he sings.

The Virginia native also says he hasn't been perfect, but it hasn't affected his woman's loyalty.

"Know that I done put you through whatever / I know that you care for me, I know you'll be there for me / If ever something happens you still down / Real one, I guess, I'm just a fool with her / Looking in the mirror like, 'Ain't you scared to lose her?'" he croons.

As far as the video, it gives you a glimpse into Trey's life and the types of women he's surrounded by. You also see him argue with his girlfriend, presumably over the attention he gets and always being away from home.

You can check out Songz's "Nobody Else but You" below, which is the first single off his forthcoming release Tremaine The Album.

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