Trey Songz's much-promoted new album, Tremaine, has finally arrived.

The singer has been dropping a string of sexy videos leading up to the 15-track release, including "She Lovin It," "Animal," and "Song Goes Off." Trey's faux reality dating show, Tremaine The Playboy, based on The Bachelor, acted as a platform for his videos.

As for the album, he keeps it really sensual.

“She said that she don’t wanna be f—d, I said, “Why the hell are you sleeping naked?”/ She told me she ain’t ready, oh no/But that shy girl, she kinda overrated,” he sings on "She Lovin' It" before making sure to let folks know that the woman was actively participating in the bedroom romp. “She kissing on me, she tugging on me/Oh, she want it/This girl is bad, bad, bad/Got me all on her ass and… She lovin’ it."

Trey said he had a very specific vision for the release.

“I got a very much distinctive vision for how I want it to be taken in,” he told Billboard about the project late last year. “The visuals, the audio, the pictures, everything. It’s a plan for it. I think that nowadays music is so like fast food, in content in general. Everybody takes everything in so fast and then they’re on to the next thing, so I want to figure out how to hold people’s attention.”

Trey is heading out for Tremaine the Tour in May in support of the album. Presale tickets for the tour will be available on March 28 with tickets for the general public going on sale on March 31 at

Listen to Tremaine below.


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