Trey Songz has never had any qualms rolling around in the sack in his videos, and his latest visual for "She Lovin' It" is certainly no exception.

Trey delivers another super sexy video, the latest in a long line promoting his upcoming album, Tremaine, which drops on March 24. On the song, he cockily concludes that his girl is "lovin' it," despite her half-hearted attempts of rebuffing his charms, and he carries the theme over to the steamy visuals.

"She said that she don't wanna be f---d, I said, "Why the hell are you sleeping naked?"/ She told me she ain't ready, oh no/But that shy girl, she kinda overrated," he sings before making sure to let folks know that the woman was actively participating in the bedroom romp.

"She kissing on me, she tugging on me/Oh, she want it/This girl is bad, bad, bad/Got me all on her ass and... She lovin' it," he sings.

Just last week, Trey dropped visuals for the slow-grinding "Song Goes Off" which is also featured on his upcoming project.

“I got a very much distinctive vision for how I want it to be taken in,” he told Billboard about the album late last year. “The visuals, the audio, the pictures, everything. It’s a plan for it. I think that nowadays music is so like fast food, in content in general. Everybody takes everything in so fast and then they’re on to the next thing, so I want to figure out how to hold people’s attention.”

Check the video for "She Lovin' It" above. Tremaine drops on March 24.


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