We all know that Beyonce is a huge supporter of the LGBT community, often pledging her allegiance via social media. So she will no doubt be amazed by a new visual presented by transgender artists.

The Glass Wing Group, a group of transgender performers, recently dropped their own version of Queen Bey’s visual album, Lemonade, and it's brilliant.

Co-directed Q Burette and Adisa Gooding, the 11-minute video titled “Lemonade Served Bitter Sweet,” stars trans Beyonce impersonator Miss Shalae who does a fantastic job recreating clips from Bey's album. Everything is replicated to a tee from the costumes to the cinematography as Miss Shalae perfectly sings "Hold Up," "Freedom," "Sorry" and "Six Inch."

Amazingly, the video was shot in only 16 hours. We have to say bravo to Miss Shalae and her creative team for their amazing visual.

Fair warning: The video is a slightly NSFW due to some revealing nipples and the costumes are a bit risqué but nothing that you haven't seen from Beyonce.

Watch the Glass Wing Group's 'Lemonade' video above.