Respected Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth has filed a lawsuit against a local radio station for banning his music from airplay.

According to the suit, Houston's 97.9 KBXX has gone "beyond the parameters of legally sanctioned activity" by unfairly banning Trae's music. The suit names KBXX's general manager Dough Abernathy, program manager Terri Thomas and radio personality Nnete Inyangumia. Trae charges that the deejay accused him of inciting the violence that left eight teens injured at one of his sponsored events.

"I would not have filed a lawsuit, but when other people started being hurt by this ban, I knew I had to stand up," Trae explained in a statement. "I just could not let any more people suffer and be punished by the radio station over this ridiculous vendetta."

The suit claims that the ban has interfered with Trae's relationships with other executives at the station and with his peers, citing a planned collaboration with rapper 6tre Gangs, which was canceled after KBXX employees informed the rapper that, due to Trae's appearance, the song would not receive airplay.

Rap-A-Lot Records' CEO J. Prince has also released a statement, claiming that the ban has disrupted negotiations with the rapper, whom he was planning to sign to his label.

"I had been excited about being involved with the next Trae album, but with this ban taking place, not only in his home town, but likely also in the second best place for airplay, which is Dallas, it would be impossible to promote the album," Prince explained. "This ban is sabotaging his career, because those cities are the foundation for breaking his records ... Having run a record label for over twenty years, I've never seen anything like this."

Trae is suing for damages to his reputation as well as lost performance revenue and royalties. "I find this behavior repulsive, especially for a radio station that daily champions itself as music artists 'best friend," Trae's lawyer added. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 14, 2010.

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