The nominations are in for the 2017 Grammy Awards. Music superstars Beyonce, Drake, Rihanna and Chance the Rapper scored multiple nominations in several categories.

But as usual, the Recording Academy’s voting body seemed to not always get it right. How come Kanye West wasn’t honored in any of the major categories? No love for Alessia Cara who had a breakout year? And no nods for YG or even in-demand producer Kaytranada? What’s up with that?

So The Boombox had explore some of the biggest snubs of this year’s Grammy nominations. Check it out below.

Kanye West

Grammy voters really do love Kanye West. But this year, they seemed a little stand-offish with giving him nod in some of the bigger categories. Yeezy’s The Life of Pablo got a nomination in the Best Rap Album category but it should have been a contender for Album of the Year. Not only was it one of the most polarizing albums of 2016, it also featured many first-time Grammy nominees like Desiigner. While “Famous” and “Ultra Light Beam” secure nods in the Best Rap Sung and Rap Songs categories, none of them were selected for the bigger fields like Song of the Year or Record of the Year. Either way, West did get recognized for his creative work.


Sure, Solange Knowles did get a nod in the Best R&B Performance category for her beautiful song "Cranes in the Sky," but what about her album, A Seat at the Table? The project was widely praised by both fans and critics alike and it should have received a nomination in the Best R&B Album field. Despite that glaring omission, it will be great to see both sisters take home some hardware on Grammy night.


Next to Drake, who garnered eight Grammy nominations himself, the 24-year-old Canadian producer released one of the most widely-acclaimed projects of 2016 with his debut album, 99.9%. The music wunderkind wowed listeners with his adventurous productions of dance music mixed with hip-hop, R&B, jazz and electronica. Ironically, two songs, “Lite Weight” and “All Night,” appeared on albums by first-time Grammy nominees Chance the Rapper and Anderson .Paak, respectively. So why no Grammy love for him?

It looks like history has repeated itself. In 2015, YG's debut album, My Krazy Life, was snubbed in the rap fields. In 2016, the Compton Bompton garnered zero nominations for latest album, Still Brazy. We have a feeling the Compton rhymer is not too happy about this. In a June interview with Billboard, prior to the album's release, YG said that he's still looking for that Grammy recognition. "I think it’s time for me to get that stamp. I need a Grammy or a nomination," he said. "I feel like motherf---ers always be questioning me and my rap s---. They always like, 'He don’t be rapping about nothing'...they always saying s--- like that when it comes to YG. I want this album to shut their ass up."

Alessia Cara

This is probably the biggest snub of this year’s Grammy nominations. Alessia Cara was pretty much guaranteed a nomination in the Best New Artist category. But nope, it didn’t happen. Even more shocking, the 20-year-old pop phenom’s debut album, Know-It-All, and even her breakthrough hit, “Here,” didn’t get any nods whatsoever. A complete shutout like this looks very suspicious. The Recording Academy dropped the ball on this one. Shame on them.

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