Oakland rapper Too Short has announced that he will be releasing several new projects this year, including a long overdue collaboration with a fellow Bay Area legend, and a "Too Short Adventure" book.

"I'm working on some new music, a new Too Short album [and] the Too Short/E-40 album," he said in a recent interview. "Both of those should be out this year."

Additionally, Short, who is known for his vivid storytelling, said that he is currently writing a similarly long-awaited book of his adventures. "The book is a story that needs to be told," he continued. "It's not necessarily the 'Too Short story,' but I call it a 'Too Short adventure.' It's been a lot of fun, and I need to tell it to somebody before I forget."

When asked whether the book would be autobiographical, the 'Freaky Tales' rapper demurred, "I don't really want to go that route and tell you my childhood. I just want to tell you the good parts." There is no word as to when the promised albums and "Too Short adventure" book will see release, but this is all great news for fans.

Watch Too Short's 'Paystyle'
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