Too $hort calls on fellow Bay Area legends E-40 and Raphael Saadiq for some support on 'Sugar Daddy,' a tale about the dangers of usurious women and unsuspecting gentlemen.

Over a loop from the Meters' classic 'Handclapping Song' and some smooth crooning from Ray Ray, $hort Dog attempts to educate the neighborhood sucker, cause "Every b---- ain't Maya F---in' Angelou,' while 40 Water drops in with a few mellifluous bars of his own, on this updated 'Captain Save a Hoe.'

"Old square, so square the motherf---er's a cube/ Used to date these no good hoes I knew," $hort raps. "Straight lovin' em, and I bet they liked him too/ Wearin' Tommy Hilfiger from his shirt to his shoes/ Way back, when that was like the s--- to do."

While the whole song's a gem, $hort's crown jewel is the line "He sweat the p---- like Prince sweat purple pants."

Listen to Too $hort's 'Sugar Daddy'

Watch Too $hort's 'Blow the Whistle

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