British rapper Tinie Tempah is warming up for the U.S. release of his straight-to-U.K.-fame debut, 'Disc-Overy,' with a mixtape. But be warned, this isn't your average freebie. The 16-track 'Foreign Object' is hosted by actor Russell Brand.

"I love him!" Brand exclaims during the intro on 'Foreign Object.' "If I have anything to do with it, Tinie Tempah is gonna rock it to No. 1." Tapping into the cosmic rap that put Kid Cudi on the map, Tempah, for the majority of 'Foreign Object,' raps over recent hitmaking beats, like the Diplo and Afrojack-produced leaky-faucet bounce of Chris Brown's 'Look at Me Now' and the deep bass boing of Lil Wayne's '6 Foot 7 Foot.' Tempah also puts his twist on the Katy Perry -- Brand's wife -- track 'E.T.' and revamps Nicki Minaj's 'Did It on 'Em' into his own 'S---ted on 'Em.' Brand pops up throughout the mixtape, providing psycho-fan comedy in three skits, pulled from an interview when he was doing press for his latest film 'Arthur.'

Also included on the mixtape is ''Til I'm Gone,' the latest single from Tempah featuring 'Black and Yellow' rapper Wiz Khalifa. The track didn't appear on the U.K. release of 'Disc-Overy,' but makes it on the U.S. version.

"Everything has happened pretty quick," the 'Pass Out' singer told the BoomBox earlier this year. "I've been doing this for a little while, but over the past year I've gone from walking down Oxford and no-one knowing who I am to not being able to walk down Oxford Street within a space of a few months, and that is crazy."

Download Tinie Tempah's 'Foreign Object' mixtape here. 'Disc-Overy' will be released stateside tomorrow (May 17). As for releasing the mixtape at the same time his debut hits America, Tempah told NME he simply "thought it'd be nice to put something out for free."

Watch Tinie Tempah's 'Pass Out'
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