Fresh out of jail, with his reality show landing high ratings for VH1, T.I. has some big plans for the new year, beginning with the release party for his New Year's Eve mixtape 'F--- da City Up.'

"For New Year's I'm gonna be waitin' on 'F--- da City Up' to drop. We got a party poppin' off down here in Atlanta, 200 Peachtree. We gonna turn up and it's basically that," T.I. told MTV. "Between the party and the mixtape, that's all I got going. New year, new money. That's that."

The recording sessions for the mixtape, which features Young Jeezy and Dr. Dre, have been been featured in a series of black-and-white trailers, the most recent of which came out this past Tuesday (Dec. 27), and while the songs have yet to leak, it sounds like some of Tip's best work in years.

"Dre was here. He sent for me, and of course I answered. We really just turned up more than anything else. It was about creating chemistry," T.I. continued, in his interview with MTV. "He got hot beats and I got dope rhymes, so we can always get together and make music. But for people to feel what we singing, and for it to feel like a party coming through your speakers, we gon' have to create some chemistry, and so that's what we spent more time doin' than anything else, developin' that chemistry."

T.I.'s 'F--- da City Up' mixtape drops on Jan. 1, 2012. His forthcoming eighth album, 'Trouble Man,' is due later in the year.

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