Tina Knowles Lawson has found her light and she decided to share it with her followers on her Snapchat. The 63-year-old designer wanted to tell her fans a “corny joke,” although her superstar daughter Beyoncé advised against it. But that didn’t stop her.

In the clip above, Mama Tina, as she is affectionately called by her fans, offered some sage advice to her followers. "Beyoncé was telling me that I shouldn't do corny jokes all the time, but I told her: when you get to my age, you gotta find your light," she said. "So if you find some good light, you supposed to take advantage of it."

She then proceeded to tell the joke, which involves two toilets. We won’t spoil the joke for you, just watch the video above.

Interestingly (or maybe shockingly), the Beyhive saw Mama Tina's video and decided to drag Queen Bey for ordering her own mom not to tell jokes. Really? The Beyhive attacks their own Queen? Sheesh!

Fans on Twitter loved Mama Tina’s jokes and encouraged her to tell more. "Lol Mama Tina said Bey will NOT dim her light. Here for it," wrote one fan. Another commenter tweeted, "Mama Tina's corny jokes have me weak every time."

However, others were enjoying the dragging of Beyonce by the Beyhive. "Lmao I love the beyhive so damn much ahaha y'all are dragging Beyonce for trying to stop Mama Tina and her corny jokes," tweeted one fan.

For the record, we love Mama Tina's jokes. Check out the Twitter reactions below.

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