Tila Tequila and Game

Reality TV star Tila Tequila has announced that she is pregnant with Game's child. Tequila began by insinuating that she was spending time with the rapper, but then launched into full scale accusation mode via Twitter, after Game denied her allegations and appeared on TMZ to defend himself.

"Recently she was in the studio to mess with my boy Avante Rose. I didn't see her, I was there with Dre. ... I never seen her. But you know [the wrestler] Hunter Hearst Helmsley also goes by the Game, maybe she's talking about him?" Game told TMZ.

Game's denial prompted Tequila to tweet the following missive, which we have edited for you. "Yes, TMZ I am watching and Game is lying! I'm headed to your studio now to tell you the real deal! On my way! Game's a liar!" she insisted. "Nine months from now I will take the Paternity Test. Game not only lied to the world, to you guys, to me, but he also lied to his OTHER baby mama, which I didn't know he had! So he f----- himself. I was there all night last night too and pictures on TMZ even showing me leaving his studio at 6AM!!! Thas a punk bitch right there. COWARD! GAME=DEADBEAT DAD."

She went on to threaten the rapper in a statement to RadarOnline.com,"Game, I don't need to bicker and fight with you love, when I know a lot of shady things about you, that I can sell you out on but I'm not."

Tequila, whose wife Casey Johnson recently died, and accused her last boyfriend, NFL star Shawne Merriman, of assault, does not appear to be dealing with a full deck. Her latest tweet has her receiving a call from the Ambassador of Haiti, and adopting a Haitian child. We really hope that last one's not true.

Click here for more completely insane tweets, including her attempts to rally her fans to spam Game's twitter account in her support.Tequila intends to appear on TMZ on Monday "tell them what really went down!"