Memphis' Academy Award-winners are at it again. Three 6 Mafia have joined up with producer Adam Briles to create a cooking TV show.

The show is titled 'Cookin' Ain't Easy!' and will feature the two remaining Three 6 members DJ Paul and Juicy J throwing weekly dinner parties for a slew of friends and celebrity guests, and cooking up Indian, Asian, Middle-Eastern and Italian cuisine in the Three 6 Hollywood mansion.

"We're not just cooking soul food." explained Juicy J. "We're cooking...all different kinds of foods that people wouldn't think we could cook. It's a comedy, it's funny and we love bringing people together for it."

Though the show has yet to find a home on a network, the William Morris Agency is shopping it to major cable networks. Based on the success of Three 6's last hilarious reality show, "Adventures in Hollyhood," which appeared on MTV in 2007, they should be able to find a home soon.

"It is a completely fresh approach to a cooking show," the producer, Briles, said. "You get much of the same take-away information that viewers expect from the genre, but it is served up in such a unique, relatable and funny way that it is just flat out entertaining."

Briles previously produced "Survivor," "The Contender," "The Alaska Experiment," and "Out of the Wild.