DJ Paul exploded in an angry rant at a show in Memphis during 901 Fest. TMZ reports that Paul was upset at sound problems. The Three Six Mafia co-founder lashed out on the microphone, in a tirade that reportedly even shocked some of his own crew.

"They know who the king is, so they gon' pull bulls--- like this," Paul can be seen saying in video footage (above.) "They don't want the music to be loud 'cuz they want it to be bulls--- to y'all. But you better realize what the f--- is going on.

"See what I'ma do tonight…what I'ma do tonight I'ma ride past some muthaf---a's houses and I'm going to shoot some muthaf---a's houses up tonight," he can be heard yelling onstage.

"Don't f---ing play with me, n----," he added.

Some of DJ Paul's entourage reportedly tried to calm him down on stage, but a witness claimed that he went into the crowd to find the sound guy. In the footage above, you can see the sound and the lights being cut, as the crowd and everyone onstage reacts.

You can peep some fan footage of Paul's performance below:


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