It seems like everyone is getting tipsy off of Beyonce’s hit single, 'Drunk in Love.' In celebration of his 24th birthday today (Feb. 16), R&B crooner The Weeknd released his reworking of Bey’s love anthem.

The Canadian singer rewrites all the verses and alters the productions to give the song a more intoxicating feel. On the tune, the Weeknd is in a drunken state of mind as he tells a future bedroom prospect that he's only looking for a one-night stand.

"Don’t take my number / I don’t want your number / I’ll call you back if that head right, baby / I won’t love you, I can’t love you / Unless that p---- got some superpowers / I want you (nah, nah) / I’m not trying to f--- tomorrow baby, I want you (nah, nah)," he croons.

The Weeknd’s 'Drunk in Love' remix follows behind Kanye West’s reworking of the Beyonce track. A video teaser hit the web featuring the R&B mom in a bikini and leather chaps. We can't wait to see that.

On Twitter, the Weeknd also announced that new material and projects are coming in 2014. He tweeted:

Listen to The Weeknd Remix of Beyonce's 'Drunk in Love'