Sadly, when most people hear the name 40 Glocc, it's safe to assume they think about that infamous beatdown from the Game, which was all caught on camera in 2012. Besides the former G-Unit Records rapper being on the receiving end of that nasty attack, his image and street-cred took a beating as well. And now to add insult to a whole bunch of physical injuries, Game says he was merely acting in self-defense during the fight.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the Game says 40 pulled a gun first, which sparked the melee and the eventual beating. On the other hand, 40 accuses Game of actually flashing a gun first, and then jumping him with the help of his boys.

In the court documents, Game explains the difference between his level of fame and the 'Zoo Life' rapper's by pointing out he has over 50,000 more Twitter followers than 40 does. Chuck Taylor also points out that he scored a Grammy Award and a reality show, making him well-known in the public eye. However, it's not clear what fame and success have to do with the impending court case.

In 2013, TMZ also revealed the specifics of 40 Glocc's $4.5 million lawsuit against the 'Jesus Piece' creator. He's asking for $500,000 in pain and suffering, $500,000 for emotional distress, $750,000 for losing his earnings, $2 million for punitive damages and $25,000 in various medical expenses. 40 is asking for additional monies as well.

No word yet on when the trial will begin -- or if there will even be one. This could easily be settled out of court. Stay tuned.

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