Earlier this month, the Game had a confrontation with rapper Stitches that ended with the Miami rapper getting knocked out. For those of who didn’t get a chance to see it, the Compton rhymer joyfully reenacted the fight during his concert performance at the "Blazers Cup" event in San Bernardino, Calif., over the weekend.

In a video shot by a concertgoer, the Game explained why he didn’t get a chance to lay hands on Stitches. In fact, his manager, Wack 100, was the guy who delivered the fade to the “Remember Me” rapper.

“Pull your phones out right now,” the Game tells the audience as he prepares his reenactment. "I’mma show you how this happened. We gon’ reenact this s---. You be Stitches. I’mma just be me. Stitches says ‘Game, you gonna fight me, boy.' I said, ‘This n---- want a problem? What’s up then, homie?’"

"He start walking towards me and s---. Oh, we went to Miami and whooped that ass. That n---- start walking up and s---. Marcus was holding me back cause he know I’m on probation...that n---- went to sleep.”

Yes he did. And with that, one of Game's friends reenact how Stitches fell to the ground like a log as the audience burst out into laughter.

While we don't condone rappers getting into physical altercations over trolling, Game's recreation of events made us chuckle.

Since being assaulted by Game's manager, Stitches claims that the Documentary 2 creator paid a handful of goons to jump him. He also added that he lost vision in his left eye over the assault. However, Stitches did release a diss song against the Game and issue veil threats on his Instagram account.

Watch the Game's reenactment above and Stitches' Instagram threat below.

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