The Game is making one guy extremely jealous in his new video for "Baby You," featuring Jason Derulo, a track from his 1992 LP that he released in October.

In the Benny Boom directed-clip, Chuck Taylor is seen spending some time with a women who's incredibly easy on the eyes, while her actual man grows increasingly upset because his girl is missing. "She's f---- with some Blood n---- from out of Compton," he tells a friend at the start of the video.

The jealous boyfriend then tries to catch up with Game and the woman, which leads up to the story's climax. Derulo is also in the video, but just in the performance shots, not in the scenes that involve the story line.

On another note, the clip says that Game and his manager Wack 100 produced the track to "Baby You," so it'll be interesting to see if the Cali rhymer will get more into production as the years go on, because it seems like he definitely has the chops.

You can watch the brand new video above.

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