The Game dodged jail time in his criminal case involving the assault an off-duty police officer during a pickup basketball game.

According to TMZ, the Compton rhymer accepted a plea deal after pleading no contest to charges of misdemeanor battery and criminal threats. A judge sentence Game to three years probation, 120 days community service, 26 anger management classes and 180 days suspended jail time.

In January, a judge ordered Game to pay the victim, Onyebuchi Awaji, $100,000 in a default judgment for injuries the police officer suffered at the hands of the “How We Do” rapper. The incident occurred during a pickup game back in 2015. Game claimed at the time that he acted in self-defense after Awaji allegedly threatened to shoot him.

“With police and me, it ain’t really never no peace. I am who I am, I’m out here, doing me, thugging, straight outta Compton, you know,” he told TMZ a month after the fight. “Police is police, so they gonna do what they do. You got some officers out there that’s straight by the book, and then you got some that don’t play right. So the ones that don’t play right, I don’t f*ck with them.”

Game also pled to felony grand theft for stealing a photographer's camera while he was being served lawsuit documents from Awaji. He settled that case with the $100,000 judgment to the cop.

Game still has a couple of legal cases pending. The 37-year-old rapper was granted a new trial and a reduced monetary judgment in his ongoing sexual assault case against former She Got Game contestant Priscilla Rainey.

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