The-Dream has dropped his latest project, the five-track EP, Love You to Death. The EP comes before his anticipated full-length album drops in early 2017.

“I’m finished with a new album,” he confirmed back in September. “There’s an incredible song that me and Rick Ross did on the album. I think people are going to love it. I may put out a new EP before that but the new album will be slated at the top of [next] year."

As for Love You to Death, the singer shared a track from the project a few days ago, "College Dayz," on which he asks, “I forgot about the things you did in college/Can you forget about the things I did last night?”

However, he said on Instagram that his personal favorite on the EP is "Ferris Wheel." The project also features “Rih-Flex,” an ode to longtime friend and early collaborator, Rihanna. This marks The-Dream's first project since his visual album Genesis released back in January. The EP of course, touches on the ins and outs of relationships. On "Madness" he croons, “This is ultra super random/But I want to know if you’re busy tonight/Girl we like Susan Sarandon/Girl we go back, let’s go back like old times."

Stream Love You to Death on Spotify below.


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