It's no secret that some artists get embroiled with record labels that put them in limbo by delaying releases or stifling budgets. But Chicago's the Cool Kids didn't sit back and take it. After a lengthy court battle with Chocolate Industries, the duo consisting of Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish have finally been released from their restricting contract.

"Yo! Were free agents.. The cool kids are out of record label jail... Let's cheers to that," tweeted Chuck. "In case you were wondering why we never put an album out. We were dealing with some shit we couldn't control in a short amount of time. But me and @sirmichaelrocks stood up for ours. and in return.. We get what we wanted. Freedom to make our music. Without the BS."

The duo was allegedly unhappy with the deal for the past couple of years, and therefore took the imprint to court to get released from the contract. At one point, they tried to change their group name to Chuck & Mikey so they could legally release new music, but were forced to remain silent until the court case was completed.

"Thanks for the love yall. If you are doin music be careful There's some real life serpents out here. Triple horn devils forreal," tweeted Mikey.

The duo has yet to release a full-length studio album, but have released three official mixtapes and two well-received EPs. The group is currently looking for a new home to put out their long-awaited debut 'When Fish Ride Bicycles.'