The news of The Cool Kids reuniting for a new album has fans excited and waiting for what’s next. In a two-hour interview with No Jumper podcast, Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks talked about their long hiatus among other things.

As for their breakup, the duo said that it was never personal between them. In fact, Inglish and Rocks have stayed in communication since their separation. But they did acknowledge that the music industry was changing and that recording music together wasn't fun for them anymore.

"The business situation was f---ed from the jump, we just ran out of energy to deal with the s---," said Inglish (quotes via Pigeons and Planes). "It wasn't fun (anymore). If you enjoy making music with someone and then something is not fun but it ain't him and it ain't me, it's obviously something else."

Midway through the interview, Inglish revealed the title of their upcoming project, which is called Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe. There's no word on when the album will officially dropped.

Although the album is still a work in progress, Inglish is happy with how the music is sounding on the project. "I'm not going to lie to you, it's probably some of the hardest s--- we've ever done," he said. "It's scary, low key. It shows you how much we probably missed working with each other. But we know each other's ways now."

We are glad that The Cool Kids are back in the studio. We can't wait to hear what they are bringing on their new album.

Listen to The Cool Kids' full No Jumper podcast interview above.

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