The Cool Kids released a new tune over the weekend titled "Checkout" that's bound to build up the anticipation for their upcoming reunion album Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe.

Over a slow grooved piano track, Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks exchange impeccable flows and prove they haven't lost one bit of chemistry. It's been almost a year since the Chicago spitters announced their comeback after working on their solo careers.

The first new song the group released post-reunion was "Running Man," featuring Maxo Kream and they also dropped the cuts "TV Dinner" and Connect Four." Plus, they're working on a new comedy series that'll air in the future. In regards to their hiatus, The Cool Kids said it had to do with business, not a personal beef with each other, despite the rumors.

"The business situation was f----- from the jump. We just ran out of energy to deal with the sh--," said Inglish. "It wasn't fun. If you enjoy making music with someone, and then something is not fun, but it ain't him and it ain't me, it's obviously something else."

You can listen to the new "Checkout" song below.

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