We're officially four months into 2015 and R&B stars are continuously heating up your newsfeed with special announcements, shocking arrests and untimely deaths. It’s not quite mid-year but the stories are on overload when it comes to some of your favorite singers. To keep you up to date, TheBoombox.com is taking a look at some of the biggest news stories in R&B so far this year.

As far as R&B gossip is concerned, January seems like ages ago, but if you recall, the year began on a happy note. Your favorite crooners welcomed new bundles of joy, celebrated epic award-winning moments and of course, there's a little controversy. After we braved the winter storms and longed for warmer temperatures, the news seemed to pick up with shocking engagements, a secret lovechild, historic moments in fashion and music and two shocking R&B reunions that will go down in history.

If you need a refresher or just want to reflect on all things R&B thus far, check out our gallery above. We compiled the biggest R&B news stories of 2015 just for you. Keep reading to see which of your favorite singers including Rihanna, Chris Brown, Destiny’s Child and more have been commanding your attention.